Why GIS-Enhanced Hybrid Network Infrastructure Management Matters


Why GIS-Enhanced Hybrid Network Infrastructure Management Matters


December 3 | 11 am EST


Stefanie Siegel, Product Manager at FNT GmbH

Ulrich Schälling, Head of Business Line Networks at FNT GmbH

What you will learn:

Join us to learn about the latest advances in managing today’s complex communications networks. These networks must undergo both massive FTTx rollouts to connect residential and business customers, and massive fiber rollouts to connect mobiles sites and support the increasing bandwidth requirements needed to enable 5G. We’ll show you a better way to manage these networks. Our approach integrates GIS-capabilities into a comprehensive cable and outside plant management tool to provide location-based visualization and analysis of network resource data. Having both within a single solution delivers easier, faster, and better outcomes than what you can realize with traditional methods or stand-alone tools.

See the GIS Difference:

This webinar will detail the benefits of GIS-enhanced cable and infrastructure management. It will show how merging location intelligence with network infrastructure details and displaying it on a map makes network data much easier to understand, analyze, and act on.

We’ll use FNT GeoMaps, our solution component that combines comprehensive cable and inside / outside plant infrastructure management on a map with geoinformation and geodata processing, to demonstrate the most common use cases for network infrastructure management:

  • Network Infrastructure Planning. Design, plan, and execute rollout tasks.
  • Capacity Management. Pinpoint where available and used capacity in the network resides.
  • Operations. Mitigate service interruption with georeferenced localization of issues and impact analysis of affected services.
  • Mobile Site Management. Simplify fiber deployments connecting existing or new sites, including management of assigned site information.