A Unified Approach across the Business

Reduce Costs With a Unified Approach across the Business.

There’s More than One Way to Improve Your Bottom Line

Top line revenue growth may get more attention, but don’t forget about the other side of the profitability equation: cost. Reducing operating costs significantly impacts overall profitability.

A single source for information about all network assets.

The key to gaining a clear understanding of overall utilization, capacities and asset status for more efficient planning, service assurance and fulfillment processes.

A standard management software that makes asset information actionable.

FNT Command is our central system for planning and documenting the infrastructure changes that will save you money.

The Result? Plan and manage all assets in context to achieve cost-efficient and sustainable growth through optimal use of resources and capacities.

Process Automation

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Process Automation

Improve back-end operations by moving away from manual processes. Consistent process flows eliminate gaps and duplication. It’s one of the most important ways to increase efficiency and reduce operational expenditure.

  • Streamline workflows and speed up execution of everyday tasks with a flexible workflow engine that automates and orchestrates processes.
  • Structured planning and replacement cycles for outdated components based on relevant infrastructure data.
  • Manage maintenance windows by knowing services and customers affected by a planned activity.
  • Quick fault isolation, impact analysis and repair based on seamless integration between the physical network, infrastructure and supported services at the logical, virtual and service levels.
  • Provide data to monitoring systems for root cause analysis and to ticketing systems to automate trouble-shooting.


Lower operating costs by standardizing, consolidating and re-using existing processes and systems. Open software architecture, clearly structured and normalized resource documentation, and interfaces to OSS/BSS/IT tools make it possible to manage connections and services throughout the network.

  • Manage leased lines and dark fibers together with owned network resources.
  • Identify, control and verify infrastructure and configurations with a central database that provides information about all configuration items.
  • Telecommunications components and their logical relationships are stored as objects for end-to-end management of all technologies and resources.
  • Automate and standardize parts order processes with integrated warehouse functionality, including integration with ERP-based stock management.


Using NFV to shift network functions out of the network and into the data center is a big contributor to cost control – and a requirement for digital transformation. It supports increased agility in existing business models and facilitates the exploration and adaption of new ones.

  • Manage and configure a hybrid formation of traditional and virtual resources with an active network inventory tool that keeps track of assets, where they are located and who they serve.
  • Easily reallocate resources to where they can provide the greatest benefit.
  • Perform VNF roll-outs based on capacity planning and forecasts to avoid service-degrading capacity shortages.

Key Benefits

Standardize and control the component types and variants used in networks and data centers.
Integrate with key systems across every layer for maximum cost and operational efficiency.
A consistent view of used and available resources provides better cross-departmental collaboration.
Efficient planning of maintenance windows, faster impact analysis and faster incident response times increase service quality, avoids SLA breaches and reduces operational cost.
Avoid a build-up of new silos for virtualized resources by managing a hybrid stack of resources across telecommunication networks, IT and data centers.

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FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide. It’s innovative software FNT Command is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management platform for communications service providers, enterprises and governmental organizations by more than 25.000 users since 1994.

The software provides transparency in an integrated way for the management of IT, network infrastructures, and telecommunication. The deep integration of all data items and the comprehensive data model are unique in the software market. It builds the central resource repository for all planning, fulfillment and assurance processes within the business areas telecommunications, cable networks, outside & inside plant management, as well as IT infrastructure management.

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