Automate Rollouts and Inventory Updates

Knowledge-Based Network Planning

Today’s on-demand world intensifies the importance of bandwidth and speed for both fixed and mobile service providers. Fiber and 3G/4G/5G rollouts are being aggressively pursued, which requires ongoing network extension and reconfiguration. FNT’s Telecommunication Resource Inventory and Cable Management solutions provide the information and tools providers need to make the network changes that will keep them competitive. Specifically: accurate information about resource availability to plan network changes, and a user-friendly management system to execute. The result? The ability to build and maintain an agile telecommunications infrastructure that can adapt to a rapidly evolving digital world.

Build a Stronger Network with an Integrated Approach

What sets FNT apart is the completeness of our solution. FNT supports all types of line-based and wireless network technologies. Our solutions integrate management of outside plant cable networks with logical telecommunication transport networks. This integrated approach greatly improves the efficiency and quality of all planning and engineering activities. The core of our solution is a central data repository that associates the services being offered and the physical, logical and virtual assets and resources required to deliver them. This single source for all network and service data is accessible to users anywhere in the organization. It’s a solid foundation for all planning and network transformation activity.

DOCUMENT assets and related processes for physical, logical and service resources

Achieve full transparency across all resources and layers with FNT’s central data repository for telecommunication, data center and IT resources.

  • CI library of nearly 70,000 IT and telecommunications components, stored as objects, along with their logical relationships.
  • Automated validation rules prevent database input errors.
  • Software integrates with key systems to consolidate and share data.
  • Links traditional telecom resources with data center and virtualized IT resources to manage NFV-based hybrid environments.

Link Information to Intelligently PLAN Network Changes

Plan rollouts, extensions and changes on accurate as-is documentation, with a consistent approach across all resources and infrastructures.

  • Provides a comprehensive, integrated graphical view of physical and logical resources and services.
  • Shows the impact of planned changes before implementation.
  • Automatically generates work orders.
  • Automates documentation updates when changes are made.

Achieve End-to-End MANAGEMENT of All Technologies And Resources Used in the Production of Services

Actively manage networks and infrastructures to deliver consistently reliable services and avoid network outages during the transformation process.

  • Automate planning processes with interfaces to higher order and external systems.
  • Identify and reroute services affected by planned work.
  • Use the CI library to standardize components and simplify their integration into the network.
  • Expedite work order execution by integrating with warehouses and ERP-based stock management tools.
  • One centralized repository across telecommunication, IT and data center resources make it easy to introduce new virtualized resources and connect them to the data center and traditional telecommunication resources.

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Key Benefits

Clearly structured documentation of network topology, connections and services makes it easy to manage network extensions, transformations and rollouts.
Optimize and automate planning processes and efficiently operate complex network infrastructures with a seamless view of all technologies.
Streamline network changes with a systematic approach that optimizes time to market and minimizes complications.
Enable NFV transformation by managing virtualization planning based on a hybrid stack of physical, logical and virtualized resources.
Understand relationships between resources to manage network transformations with minimal disruption.

Managing Digital Resources in a Digital World

Now more than ever, automating processes is critically important. When organizations struggle to fulfill new products and services, the manual planning and management of processes may be to blame.

To overcome such challenges and remain relevant in today’s digital environment, telco operators need to automate.

FNT Command: Advanced Software for Telecommunication Providers

Ensuring reliable network service is a top priority for ICT providers. The better you manage your infrastructure resources, the better able you’ll be to make good on this requirement. You need the right information and a management solution to make it actionable, and FNT delivers both.

FNT Command documents and manages all resources and connections in your networks, independent from underlying hardware vendor technology. This valuable insight helps improve workflows, ensure capacity, plan changes and speed up issue resolution.

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Feature Videos

Feature Demonstration Video: Telco Resource Inventory
See how FNT’s database of all network and service data works within the FNT Command software solution to support daily operation of your business across service assurance, fulfillment, planning and engineering processes.
Feature Demonstration Video: Telco Routing Protection
See how to use FNT Command to manage and route network connections between sites and protect the network with fully redundant and completely diverse connections.
Feature Demonstration Video: Impact Analysis
See how FNT Command speeds up issue resolution from an outage and facilitates planned maintenance with its impact analysis functionality.
Feature Demonstration Video: Telco Planning
When done right, planning can double the efficiency of change management processes. See how to use FNT Command to plan and perform network changes.
Feature Demonstration Video: Telco Virtualization
Network function virtualization (NFV) is an essential capability in today’s digital world. See how to use FNT Command to configure and manage a hybrid formation of traditional and virtual network resources.

Mobile Network Transformation

Why you should take a unified approach to resource management for your 5G transformation and how FNT can help make it happen.

3G is the past, 4G is the present and 5G is the future. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum, you have work to do. IoT and the rise of edge computing make network transformation a requirement, not an option, in today’s digital world.

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FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide. It’s innovative software FNT Command is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management platform for communications service providers, enterprises and governmental organizations by more than 25.000 users since 1994.

The software provides transparency in an integrated way for the management of IT, network infrastructures, and telecommunication. The deep integration of all data items and the comprehensive data model are unique in the software market. It builds the central resource repository for all planning, fulfillment and assurance processes within the business areas telecommunications, cable networks, outside & inside plant management, as well as IT infrastructure management.

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