Simple and Ready to Go. The SaaS Model for FNT ServicePlanet Offers a Number of Key Advantages.

Maximum system availability
As an international software provider based in Baden-Württemberg, we are committed to the highest German quality standards. Using data centers in Germany is just one of the factors guaranteeing system availability and security.
No major startup investment
Installation, maintenance, operation – the cost of setting up and running an on-premise solution should not be underestimated. To avoid unnecessary capital expenditure, opt for FNT ServicePlanet-as-a-Service with its various upgrade levels. It’s also the ideal solution for rapid rollout and future expandability.
Flexible licensing models
The flexible SaaS model lets you start out small but achieve rapid results. Later, you can expand the systems as required. Keep your organization agile and avoid being tied to a rigid licensing model.
Rapid availability
Once you’ve chosen a service package, you’re ready to go. The system is hosted in the cloud and can be deployed in a very short space of time.
Continuous updates
FNT ServicePlanet is updated regularly and automatically. You always receive the latest version and features – without any intervention on your part.
Automated data backup
Security is essential. That’s why every SaaS offering from FNT comes with automated data backup.
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