FNT ServiceEngine

FNT ServiceEngine: Automating Processes to Achieve Service Excellence

If you are ready to automate your processes and IT services, this Webinar is exactly what you are looking for. Learn from other market-leading companies who’ve made the transition how to:

  • Gain transparency and a comprehensive overview of IT infrastructures and IT capacities.
  • Reliably identify – and eliminate – hidden vulnerabilities.
  • Plan and create blueprints for business and IT services.
  • Effectively design and standardize IT services and map them in a service catalog.
  • Establish workflows for IT automation with best practice methods.
  • Deliver IT services on demand and settle accounts in minutes.

The push toward digital transformation is raising the bar on the expectations of IT departments. IT and IT service managers must adjust how they operate in the changing technological environment to keep pace with increasing user demands for flexible and agile provisioning of IT services. Today’s IT organization must:

  • support business requirements and processes of departments demanding fast, efficient service delivery
  • integrate new technologies such as cloud and AI
  • handle increasing workload and complexity, often without additional resources

The struggle is real. If the IT machine is to continue to power the organization, more effective instruments and processes are needed.

One solution: IT service automation.

There’s no time like the present when it comes to automation.

Companies in the automotive, mechanical engineering and chemical industries have already automated the production of their IT services. They are now realizing significant benefits from fast, efficient and smooth delivery of both one-off and recurring requests. But many IT organizations are still at the beginning stages of transitioning to this process. FNT has solutions to help them make significant steps forward.

“The IT-Departments know that there are many tasks ahead of them, and they understand that a comprehensive service design is the basis for IT service automation.”
Patrick Büch, Vice President of Products at FNT Software, makes it clear that the desire for the all-around service engine is not just a dream, but a reality.

“Transparency of services is important for every IT manager. But true transparency means not only having a deep understanding of the services, but also of the infrastructures on which they are built.”
As an experienced IT professional, Matthias Gromann, Head of Enterprise IT Solutions Business Line of FNT Software, has the background to expertly orchestrate the interaction of all IT components and the entire IT infrastructure. His manufacturer-independent expertise is an invaluable asset. “Do not believe the promises of various manufacturers when it comes to interoperability,”, he warns. Multi-Cloud, Hybrid IT and other related topics may seem to make the IT world more flexible, but transparency, manageability and cost-effectiveness are still a concern for IT managers.


FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide. It’s innovative software FNT Command is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management platform for communications service providers, enterprises and governmental organizations by more than 25.000 users since 1994.

The software provides transparency in an integrated way for the management of IT, network infrastructures, and telecommunication. The deep integration of all data items and the comprehensive data model are unique in the software market. It builds the central resource repository for all planning, fulfillment and assurance processes within the business areas telecommunications, cable networks, outside & inside plant management, as well as IT infrastructure management.

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