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Digitize, Structure, Centrally Control – Manage Your Service Catalogs Simply and Enterprise-Wide with FNT ServicePlanet.

Design & Define

Service design – faster design and definition of services using standardized templates

FNT ServicePlanet accelerates service design and definition. This is made possible by standardized templates for service components that include all relevant elements: SLA parameters, commercial and technical features, costs, prices, configuration variants, responsibilities, and work orders for subsequent deployment. Each of these templates is initially defined in the IT organization and serves as the basis for subsequent modeling and deployment of IT services.

The methodology used to model the standardized templates lets you define and describe services from both a business and IT perspective. As a product or portfolio manager, you can use these templates to bring IT services to market faster and in a range of configuration variants that match customer requirements.

Portfolio management – efficient management of portfolios and customer-specific catalogs

FNT ServicePlanet allows you to define and manage individual service catalogs based on predefined, standardized service templates. This data can be used to automatically generate service descriptions as PDFs that can be appended to quotations or made available for download in online shop portals. In order to meet the needs of diverse customer groups, FNT ServicePlanet supports a range of technical and organizational responsibilities as well as dynamic pricing structures.

As a result, you can increase customer satisfaction by publishing service catalogs tailored to the specific needs of individual target groups. All service catalogs are created and managed centrally in FNT ServicePlanet. This ensures you retain full control of your publications and versioning – no matter how complex your services.

Change management – easily implement changes to defined services at any time

In the early phase of change management, the focus is not on incidents but rather on changes in service design. There may be many reasons to make changes: evolving requirements, a new cost structure, strategic decisions, or continuous improvement processes.

FNT ServicePlanet features a consistent status model that enables comprehensive change management, from underlying infrastructure to business service. New product versions and variants can be implemented without having to make major changes to the subsequent deployment process. Dependencies between services, both internal and external, can be rendered transparent in order to assess the potential impact before a change is made. In addition to technical dependencies, this enables structured management of the effects of contract changes.

Lifecycle management – detailed control of IT: monitor the status and version of every service asset

With FNT ServicePlanet, you can continuously update even the most extensive service portfolios. You can track and manage the status of every service or individual asset over the entire lifecycle – from initial offer through deployment to end-of-life. The versioning system, including publication and release control, allows precision management of the transition to a new service version.

You can therefore implement rolling improvements while always staying in control. This complete transparency also enables greater efficiency in the affected processes as well as detailed analysis.

Collaborative environment – enterprise-wide transparency for better teamwork

Deploying FNT ServicePlanet as the central database for your entire service portfolio enables you to harmonize your IT and business needs. The software provides complete transparency into the service inventory, the technical and procedural aspects as well as the dependencies and relationships between internally provided and externally purchased services. Features, such as detailed roles and rights management and status models, play a crucial role in the method-based approach.

This provides an enterprise-wide basis for collaboration between the relevant business and IT roles that participate in the design, definition, and composition of new services. The shared database helps accelerate coordination processes and ultimately cut costs.

Configure & Offer

Offer & contract management – reduce the cost of offering and configuring services

FNT ServicePlanet helps you meet customer requirements while constantly monitoring the technical aspects of service delivery. To do this, we differentiate between the technical and customer perspective. You can create and maintain benefit-oriented descriptions for each individual service, which can then be merged with the corresponding technical features for subsequent service delivery.

Services are offered and configured on the basis of the service catalog with the aid of special wizards. It’s easy to select configuration variants, use them to create offers, and then switch the service status to active when the customer places an order. At the same time, FNT ServicePlanet holds all relevant customer data that is collected during the entire service lifecycle.

Costs & prices – invest your budgets wisely thanks to transparent cost structures

Opaque and rigid cost structures for services are now a thing of the past. The sophisticated business logic in FNT ServicePlanet supports usage-based billing in a clearly structured matrix. The costs of individual service components are aggregated to create the final price and can be managed via currency, cost type, and configuration in the complete service catalog or differentiated for specific customer groups. It is thus possible to price a service based on the actual costs calculated for the selected configuration and the corresponding technical features.

Your role becomes that of a service broker, providing cost structure transparency and maintaining a constant overview of internally produced and externally purchased services. You can therefore adjust pricing based on hard facts. By using this transparency to justify higher prices for more complex services, you can highlight the value your IT services offer.

Single system of record – digitized catalogs as the basis for subsequent service delivery

Enterprise-wide portfolio management is a major advantage of digitized service catalogs. These catalogs serve as a central database that exchanges information with the various systems involved in all relevant processes via APIs, ranging from online stores to process and workflow orchestration, service monitoring, and automation.

A comprehensive approach of this kind provides the basis for smooth delivery, faster processes, and lower process costs. The data source in each case is the service catalog and service descriptions in FNT ServicePlanet.


Option Shop

Efficient marketing of services to your IT customer

A service catalog that will inspire your customers. Thanks to direct integration with your shop system, you can give customers, sales staff, and partners fast access to product information, including all possible variants. Bundle your B2B commerce on a single platform and showcase the added value of your service catalog. With automated data transfer between FNT ServicePlanet and your shop, you have complete control over rollouts, target group-specific portfolios, and all necessary updates.

Option CMDB

Create end-to-end transparency – from business service to infrastructure

To fully support your management processes, you need total transparency from the business service level through to each individual asset. FNT Command, the only CMDB with an end-to-end database, helps you systematically achieve this 360° view. API-based standard integration of both systems offers automated status comparison for assets as well as visualizations and impact analysis.

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