Data Center Infrastructure Management

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of colo customers are more willing to use a provider that deploys DCIM Software

Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Software for Fast, Flexible Deployment of Demand-Based Data Center Services

Today’s MTDCs build their IT-based services on a heterogenous infrastructure. FNT software simplifies planning and managing the complex physical infrastructure, making it easier to respond quickly to the needs of the business.

FNT’s flagship IT infrastructure management platform FNT Command delivers complete transparency across all data center assets. So you can automate processes and workflows. Increase efficiency. Improve your level of service. And lower the cost of operation.

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A Complete and Integrated View of Your Customers’ Valuable Data Center Resources

Delivering reliable service requires you know where all physical assets and resources are located and how they are connected. With this insight you can ensure they are working properly and determine if tenants’ needs are being met. FNT Command enables hosting providers to see all the data connections and resources in their networks and data center infrastructure.

Armed with this detailed information, you can act faster. Make informed decisions. Shift focus from maintaining infrastructure to delivering new workloads.

Integrated Asset Repository
A comprehensive database of all physical, logical and virtual assets, resources and capacities. It details all relationships between IT, facility and network for the end-to-end transparency needed to manage and optimize the entire data center infrastructure.
Monitoring and Alarms
Real-time alerts monitor the assets in your facility, giving you the assurance that the entire workload is protected.
Multi-Client Capability
Map clients to their infrastructures and manage access rights and capacity. Makes it easy to quickly provision new services, ensure customers have the right amount of power, network connection and uptime, and to automate accurate and timely billing.
Signal Tracing and Auto-Routing
Easily route new connections, manage redundant connections and maintain multiple backup systems to protect against service interruptions.
Capacity, Power, Cooling, Space Management
View, analyze and plan all facets of your data center using reliable measurements, calculations and visualization tools.
Lifecycle and Change Management
Easily set up, modify and expand racks, servers, devices and network elements. Access to important status information enables controlled, problem-free MAC processes.

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White Paper

The Future of DCIM

The pandemic has heightened the need for digital transformation and is accelerating its mainstream adoption to support remote workforces, increased bandwidth, IoT, and virtualization. To ensure success in the aftermath of COVID-19 and remain competitive in a digital world, businesses must also understand how infrastructure management is evolving. In this white paper, we’ll discuss why today’s modern data centers need hybrid digital infrastructure management for greater visibility into digital infrastructure and to support increased mobility.

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Enterprise IT
Respond quickly to the needs of your business by centrally planning and managing your data center’s physical infrastructure.
Colocation Provider
FNT‘s Colo Connect³ solution components offer three powerful channels to help you optimize performance and raise customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

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White Paper

DCIM Software Replacement

Whatever the motivating factor, every organization will at some point need to replace their DCIM software. Whether by choice or by force, there is a way to approach the process that will minimize the effort required and maximize the benefit not only to your data center, but to your organization overall.

This guide is full of useful information that can facilitate the process. It details what to look for in a replacement solution and best practices for how to migrate. It also lays out the justifications you’ll need to garner management support for the change initiative.

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