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IT and telecommunications infrastructures are the lifelines of every company and government agency, as well as the foundation of digital business processes and offerings - such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

FNT Software aspires to make managing these highly complex digital infrastructures easier for companies and public authorities. The FNT Command Platform software solution enables efficient management of IT, Telecommunication and Data Center infrastructures as a digital twin - from the physical level (cables, switches, servers, etc.) through virtual components and applications to services - independent of the manufacturer and in a uniform data model. This enables organizations to plan and manage their IT landscape more easily, eliminate faults more quickly, implement transformations and changes more efficiently, and achieve sustainability goals for example faster.

A standardized construction kit of various FNT tools and methods makes it easy to integrate data from other systems, create reports quickly and easily, optimize IT processes and workflows, and provide new (digital) services efficiently and automatically.

The software is offered with a flexible licensing model, is cloud ready and because it comes pre-configured for specific deployment scenarios, it can be deployed as an out-of-the-box system in no time.

More than 500 companies worldwide and almost half of the DAX-40 corporations use FNT software.

FNT is headquartered in Ellwangen (Jagst) and operates offices in several locations in Germany as well as in New York, Singapore and Timisoara.

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