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FNT Software

FNT is a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center and telecommunication infrastructures.

FNT’s solutions are used worldwide as an OSS / IT management application for communications service providers, enterprises and government organizations. Powerful, reliable and flexible infrastructures are the basis for all digital business processes and applications, especially those supporting Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and 5G.

FNT’s software solutions enable organizations to record, document and manage complex and heterogeneous IT, telecommunications and data center infrastructures from the physical level all the way to business services.

In this way, FNT provides the necessary transparency and tools to plan and manage the IT, data center and telecommunications landscape more easily to eliminate faults faster, to manage transformations and changes more efficiently and to automate delivery of new digital services.

Over 500 companies and public authorities worldwide rely on FNT, including more than half of the DAX30-listed corporations. FNT is headquartered in Ellwangen/Jagst (Germany) and has offices in the USA (Parsippany, New Jersey), United Kingdom (London), Singapore, Dubai and Russia (Moscow). FNT offers its software in numerous countries through partnerships with market-leading IT service providers and system integrators.