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FNT Software

"When transparency matters" 

IT and telecommunications infrastructures are the lifelines of every business and the foundation of the digital economy. In order to optimally use and expand them, companies and public authorities should have a detailed knowledge of their infrastructures with all their physical assets (cables, switches, servers, PCs, mobile devices, etc.), virtual components, applications and business services, as well as logical dependencies. Today, all digital business processes and offers, such as Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and the digital passenger, are based on these infrastructures. 

FNT Software provides this transparency. The FNT Command Platform captures highly complex and heterogeneous IT and telecommunications infrastructures and data centers in a uniform data model. It maps this information in a digital twin. It handles all data, manufacturer independent, from the physical to the business service levels. Based on this digitalized infrastructure, companies can plan and manage their IT, data center and telecommunications landscape more easily, eliminate faults faster, and manage transformations and changes more efficiently. Using a standardized modular system of various FNT tools and methods, information from other systems can be easily integrated, analytical evaluations can be performed easily, IT processes and workflows can be optimized, and new digital services can be provided efficiently and automatically. The software is cloud ready and preconfigured for specific application scenarios, so it can be used as an out-of-the-box system in no time at all. It can also be provided in a SaaS model.  

More than 500 companies worldwide, including almost half of the DAX-40, use FNT Software.

FNT is headquartered in Germany and has offices in several locations in Germany as well as in New York, London, Singapore, and Timisoara.