FNT Software Releases New Customer Portal for Colocation Providers

FNT Customer Portal Enables Colt Data Centre Services to Deliver Value-Add Services to Customers Based on FNT Command

FNT Software, the leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide, announced today the release of a new self-service portal specifically designed for the business model of colocation providers. Colt Data Centre Services is the first provider to offer value-add services via the portal to their business customers.

Colocation providers sense immense market pressure due to the increased number of market players,rising customer expectations towards a full-service provider, and pricing competition which cuts down profitability. To address the specific needs and business model of colocation providers, FNT developed a new self-service portal as part of their partnership with Colt Data Centre Services.

“The digitization of major business processes allows us to speed up the delivery of high-quality services to our customers,” states Romain Tranchant, Operational Systems Manager at Colt Technology Services. “We see a high potential in this customer portal to help grow our business sustainably. We can work together with our clients more efficiently as we all share the same data set.“

The new portal allows Colt to deliver additional value-add services to their end customers in a highly professional manner. Based on the comprehensive data model of FNT Command, they can now offer their clients access to selected 2D views of their rented racks as well as 2D views of floorplans with racks available for sale. To easily manage unutilized rack space, customers can also see which assets are installed in their racks based on a photorealistic representation and have access to further business-sensitive data such as contracts.

This comprehensive overview of all customer-related data across multiple sites opens new possibilities for both business clients and colocation providers. Processes for access control or customer service requests can be accelerated as the portal makes customer data available for third party systems like service desks and sales teams.

“With years of experience driving the DCIM market, we’ve seen a huge challenge for colocation provider to deliver value-add services based on data of their DCIM system. The new self-service portal answers the needs of both customer and colocation providers. We strongly believe that the customer-centric approach will be a key differentiator in this sector,” explains Soeren Schroeder, Vice President UK/Ireland & Nordics.

Within short development cycles of four to six weeks, additional features include planning functions to manage the entire asset lifecycle, automatically generated work orders, individual delivered customer reports, display of real-time monitoring data, and integration with service desks to facilitate customer requests and orders.

About Colt Data Centre Services

Colt Data Centre Services offers flexible and affordable colocation and IT infrastructure solutions to large scale enterprises and cloud providers across Europe and Asia. Our connectivity and colocation solutions allow our customers freedom to plan effectively for the growth of their business, knowing that their data centre strategy is future-proof.

We operate 29 state-of-the-art data centres across Europe and Asia Pacific, offering 24/7 security and local language support. We are connected to a further 530+ third party data centres across our network and are able to offer private links into the major public cloud providers.

As the only data centre provider in the world to secure the highest M&O certification by the Uptime Institute, our operational standards are recognised as industry-leading. Colt Data Centre Services has over 20 years’ experience in designing, building and operating energy-efficient, reliable data centres - hosting significant financial, media, corporate and cloud wholesale providers across the world.


About FNT Software

FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide. With headquarters in Ellwangen / Germany, FNT's innovative software suite FNT Command is used worldwide as an OSS / IT management application for communications service providers, enterprises and governmental organizations by more than 25,000 users since 1994. FNT’s customer base includes more than 500 customers, including a wide range of well-known organizations working in various sectors such as the automotive industry, banks, insurers, chemicals, energy management, airports, clinics, media, industry, telecommunications and IT service providers, as well as public institutions. FNT operates internationally and has subsidiaries in New York, Singapore, Dubai, Zurich, and Moscow. Visit www.fntsoftware.com for more information.


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