FNT Software Introduces Integrated Solution for Automating IT Processes with FNT Command

FNT Software, a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide, announced the release of FNT ProcessEngine today. This is the first BPM system that offers a standard integration to a comprehensive ICT management system.

To adapt to the impact of digital transformation, IT managers must develop new, sustainable IT strategies in order to make their companies’ IT departments a success. As a result, the flexibility of provisioning IT services becomes a stronger focus.

Newly developed BPM system, FNT ProcessEngine, answers the need for a software for such agile process organizations. It is the market’s first workflow system with standard integration to FNT Command as a central infrastructure management system for IT, telecommunication, and also data centers. All required information is automatically provided during processes and subsequently documented.

Product Innovation for More Process Efficiency

The combination of a powerful workflow management system and an integrated solution for IT, telecommunications infrastructure management, and data centers is unique. With FNT ProcessEngine’s new developments, FNT Software assumes a leading role as a pioneer once again. The company consistently pursues the strategic approach of a seamless integrated system landscape in companies.

“Today’s IT professionals deliver their services to digital companies that represent a significant share of total product for end customers,” explains Horst Haag, CTO at FNT Software. “IT is no longer just a support function, but instead has become an important part of a company’s digital value.That is why IT processes must be professionally structured and organized with a workflow engine. That is the only way to ensure that your IT services are delivered quickly, reliably, and up to quality standards.”

Positive Response from Customer Projects

IT processes can achieve optimal efficiency by synchronizing systems, users, and the required data. With an early customer release last April, FNT ProcessEngine already experienced success in these areas:

  • Shorter lead times for delivering IT services through process automation
  • Reduced error rate due to simplifying necessary steps during the process
  • Automated task distribution supported the workload for employees
  • Process analysis improved the control of particular process sections and increased predictability of required resources


Highlights of FNT ProcessEngine

The new standard system implements a software as a BPM approach to provide a convenient process and data modeling in a graphical editor. About 3,500 function calls from FNT Command are available as predefined task blocks. Thus existing processes can be fully created, changed, and optimized without any code programming.

The Web-based user interface allows flexible access to data via PC, tablet and smartphone.

Predefined Business Process Activity Dashboards provide the necessary transparency on the process organization and support the planning of resources.

FNT ProcessEngine also provides all the functionality of a conventional BPM system, such as versioning and deployment of processes, role-based user interfaces and extensive form editors.

For the cross-platform business process automation, FNT ProcessEngine offers extensive integration capabilities to ensure a complete functional and organizational integration with external applications.

Learn more about the FNT ProcessEngine here.

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