FNT Software Expands Capabilities of DCIM Solution

FNT Software, a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide, today announced a new version of FNT Monitoring.

“Data centers are one of the most important pillars inside modern organizations. Availability, reliability and the efficient usage of resources have emerged as key performance indicators that are driving strategic management decisions,” explained Nikolaus Albrecht, CEO of FNT. “Yet the requirements to manage the highly complex environments can only be fulfilled in the long run with a comprehensive software solution.”

FNT Monitoring addresses these issues and provides new functionality to monitor and control infrastructure components in data centers. Everything from the building and facility infrastructure to equipment can be monitored in real-time. Additionally, the new product adds important usage scenarios and significantly expands the range of capabilities, which were previously offered through integrations with third-party applications.

According to Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director for Data Center Technologies at 451 Research, “DCIM functionality is increasingly being incorporated beyond the physical critical infrastructure layer and into the management of the entire data center stack. The integration of DCIM monitoring and asset management data with various IT management and business systems enable end-to-end datacenter management – a compelling approach that is steadily gaining attention. FNT, with its suite of integrated tools that extend beyond traditional DCIM, is enabling a holistic management approach, which ultimately lays the foundation for software-driven data centers.”

Key Features & Functionality

  • Monitoring - provides optimum insight into large-scale networks by extracting key information and displaying it in central, web-based interface.
  • Alerts, Event Assignment and Escalations - when predefined thresholds are exceeded, alert notifications are handled by their criticality, automatically generated and communicated to the appropriate personnel. Each alert is presented in a clearly designed dashboard; users can toggle from a displayed event to the respective object data in FNT Command, where they can obtain detailed information about the converged infrastructure.
  • Reports and Trend Analysis - an integrated log of measured values are managed from a dedicated database, enabling complete long-term evaluation of all monitored devices and provides the basis for more informed planning decisions. Data for any time period can be accessed and converted into graphical reports or tables.


“While reducing energy costs remains a factor, the most commonly reported driver of DCIM investment plans is capacity planning,” said April Adams, Gartner Research Director for Data Centers. “Beyond that, investment is frequently driven by a desire to provide a common platform for IT and facilities, to provide more comprehensive visualization of the data center, and to help extend the life of the existing data center.”*

Global Deployments

FNT Monitoring has already been successfully implemented with certain customers, including one of the largest telecommunication providers in the Middle East which deployed it across all of its data centers.
“Our approach of a holistic DCIM solution not only fulfills the markets’ and leading analysts’ requirements – we also facilitate complete transparency inside data centers,” explained Oliver Linder, Head of Business Line DCIM. “The increasing complexity and requirements to operate data centers make using a professional solution that much more valuable in the long run.”

* Gartner, Survey Analysis: Follow This Marketing Action Plan to Gain Competitive Advantage in the DCIM Market, April Adams, September 9, 2015

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