FNT ServicePlanet from Software Specialist FNT Enables Industrialization of Information Management

Rising quality expectations and ever-changing demands on IT departments and service providers necessitate greater industrialization of information management.

  • Innovative product portfolio and service management software improves efficiency and flexibility
  • FNT ServicePlanet acts as a control center for defining and delivering standardized products and services


Rising quality expectations and ever-changing demands on IT departments and service providers necessitate greater industrialization of information management. It is especially important to specify, guarantee, and monitor business services, i.e., the IT services that are visible to the customer. The flexibility and speed with which IT can provide essential services is vital to business success. FNT ServicePlanet from FNT meets this challenge by providing an efficient IT service management solution for IT managers, service staff, product managers, and financial decision makers.

Based on the wealth of experience gained by Swiss consulting company bluEDGE, software specialist FNT has developed an innovative product portfolio and service management database (SMDB) application. It is now possible to optimize service modeling and integrate all the associated information within a single solution. To do this, FNT is rolling out a new Web-based product: FNT ServicePlanet. Before the first service is provided to a customer, product managers have to consider the product design and configuration options. In order to maximize cost efficiency in production and operation, existing modules are reused in new products. This makes it possible to provide individual customers with all defined products in many variations via a unique, rule-based service creation process (instantiation of services). All information related to products, services, and customers is held centrally in FNT ServicePlanet.

FNT ServicePlanet provides a foundation for defining, managing, and monitoring business services and service assets over the entire service lifecycle. Standardizing products and their components in FNT ServicePlanet allows all product and service-related information to be combined in a central database. In turn, this makes it possible to reuse products efficiently and provide services in a flexible manner and with consistently high quality, while also keeping costs under control. FNT ServicePlanet contains all the information needed to provide the highest level of service management support for a customer's business processes. The result is agile IT.

FNT ServicePlanet’s open architecture allows easy integration into existing service management architectures and existing tools, such as service desks and CMDBs. FNT ServicePlanet thus provides full support for important phases of the ITIL service lifecycle, including service strategy and service design.

Nikolaus Albrecht, Managing Director of FNT: “FNT ServicePlanet is the logical next step in FNT’s growth strategy and builds on our existing expertise. Our large customers in particular, who manage their IT resources and infrastructure using our established FNT Command product, need a solution that allows them to offer great performance based on clearly defined business services and predefined service assets. FNT now offers solutions that cover the entire IT value chain, including network and IT infrastructure, data center management, and application and business service management. Initial customer feedback on the new solution indicates that we are on the right path.”

More information: www.fntsoftware.com/ServicePlanet

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