FNT Offers DCIM Migration Plan for Emerson Aperture Customers

FNT Software, a global leader in integrated data center management solutions, today announced that it is offering a competitive alternative and migration plan to customers using Emerson’s Aperture data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software.

Today’s enterprise data center environments require a flexible platform to document and manage IT infrastructure and assets as well as services.  In addition to optimizing space, power, and cooling, data center operators need a centralized tool to visualize the service-oriented and business-oriented views.

FNT Command provides a central management hub and optimization platform for data centers and enables a comprehensive and integrated view of resources including physical infrastructure (power, cooling, floor space, etc.), IT infrastructure (networks, servers, storage, etc.) and virtualization (software, applications, and their respective services).

To ensure a seamless transition to FNT Command, FNT offers a migration workshop that is especially designed for Aperture customers and includes infrastructure and requirements analysis, a blueprint, and detailed roadmap. The workshop enables enterprises to leverage FNT’s experience and best practices in DCIM deployments to create a detailed migration plan that addresses existing and future business needs.

“Organizations with end of life DCIM solutions need to consider the business and technical implications of maintaining the status quo, especially as data center requirements become more complex and critical to customer-facing services,” explained Sean Graham, general manager for North America of FNT Software. “Our team, methodology and product line are well-positioned to help navigate through the process and ensure a frictionless migration plan, giving enterprises a progressive suite of options to transform their data center operations.”

FNT Software developed a free infographic  focused on the “Competitive Advantages Through a Modern DCIM Tool” as well as a white paper.  Additionally, there is information on FNT Software’s migration services and DCIM solutions on the company’s MoveToFNT website.


Company Contacts:

Claudia Lehmann
Product Marketing Manager
Phone +49 7961 9039 2255

US Agency Contacts:

Sean Graham
General Manager, North America
+1 (973) 590 2627

Domenick Cilea
Springboard Public Relations
+1 (732) 863 1900 x 202

Michael Bateman
Springboard Public Relations
+1 (732) 863 1900 x 205

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