FNT GmbH and bluEDGE Methodik GmbH grow together

Software provider FNT and consultancy bluEDGE pool their service management expertise to create thought leader in IT service management.

bluEDGE Methodik GmbH has joined forces with FNT GmbH. With its international operations, FNT offers the ideal platform to drive forward the growth of bluEDGE and intends to invest in the future of the business.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of FNT GmbH, bluEDGE will function as an independent brand and separate entity under the umbrella of the FNT Group. The new bluEDGE brand will be the sole business consulting arm of the FNT Group. The declared objective is to establish the bE_Methode® as a global standard in the ITSM market. Given that the innovative FNT ServicePlanet product is already entirely based on the bE_Methode® and was conceptually heavily influenced by bluEDGE, a merger of the companies was the logical option and ideal way of continuing a long-standing strategic partnership.

As far as existing bluEDGE Methodik GmbH clients are concerned, nothing will change. They will continue to receive the same expert and professional service in accordance with the bluEDGE performance and value proposition.

The acquisition of bluEDGE highlights FNT's ambition to be a leading player in the ITSM market and is another important step in its international growth strategy. The merger will enable the company to serve as a thought leader for methodology and software in this emerging sector within IT service management. The feedback received from analysts, customers, and prospects clearly confirms and underlines the huge potential of the two companies’ combined operations.

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