FNT announces FNT ServicePlanet 2.0, the latest version of its IT industrialization software.

IT is now moving from “handmade” solutions to industrial-scale production. Thanks to modularization, standardization, and automation, the old project-based IT production processes are giving way to IT factories that are perfectly geared to the needs of business.

  • FNT ServicePlanet 2.0 paves the way for customers to industrialize their IT and build an IT factory
  • Cuts implementation times for product and service catalogs by approx. 30–40%
  • Customer projects to be presented at NetWork’14 conference on April 29–30 in Leipzig, Germany


IT automation, big data, software-defined networks, the cloud, mobility, XaaS – the list goes on and on. In a rapidly changing world, the keys to success are transparency, control, and effective deployment of existing and new technologies.

When software specialist FNT introduced FNT ServicePlanet in June 2013, it offered a totally unique solution for product portfolio and service management that paved the way for customers to industrialize their IT activities. Now the company is set to launch Version 2.0 of FNT ServicePlanet at its NetWork’14 conference (“The IT factory – define, automate, and integrate IT services”) on April 29–30, 2014 in Leipzig, Germany. The new version will be officially available from April 2014.

FNT ServicePlanet is a powerful platform for defining, managing, and monitoring business services, service assets, and SLAs over the entire service lifecycle. By standardizing products and their various components, all product and service-related information can be combined in a central database. This makes it possible to reuse products efficiently and provide services in a flexible manner and with consistently high quality, while also keeping costs under control. As well as improving the efficiency of service management, this lays the foundations for an “IT factory,” thereby enabling the provision of automated IT services.

The new FNT ServicePlanet 2.0 includes numerous enhancements and important new features that make it an integral part of the service management toolset. Version 2.0 incorporates valuable feedback from existing customers and users, such as Controlware, a systems integrator offering turnkey solutions and services for IT management, network infrastructure, and data centers. Other additions include a range of interfaces and other strategic components, such as impact simulations, pricing, and connectivity to monitoring tools.

Together with the new version of FNT ServicePlanet, the company will continue to offer its readymade reference content featuring popular IT products, such as managed OS, managed server, or managed client as predefined components in the central product and service repositories.

Nikolaus Albrecht, CEO of software specialist FNT, commented on the latest innovations in FNT ServicePlanet 2.0: “The positive feedback and successful launch of this innovative product reflect the general trend toward the IT factory model. It also completes the FNT product portfolio for IT and telecommunications service providers. FNT ServicePlanet and our reference content will reduce implementation times on product and service catalogs by approximately 30–40% while dramatically cutting the cost of transition to the IT factory model.”

The use of FNT ServicePlanet, along with other IT factory and infrastructure management topics, will be examined in customer presentations at NetWork’14, the forum for service and infrastructure management in IT and telecommunications, on April 29–30 in Leipzig, Germany.(www.network14.de/en). In addition to high-profile keynotes from industry thought leaders, insightful lectures, and case studies on topical issues in the world of IT and telecommunications, the Network’14 conference will present the latest functionality, enhancements, and product roadmap for FNT ServicePlanet to a large industry audience.

More information at: https://www.fntsoftware.com/en/products/fnt-serviceplanet.

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