FNT and INTEL agree on a technical partnership

Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) SDK is a power management solution stack for the data center.

Once FNT and INTEL agreed on a technical partnership, an interface to Intel's Data Center has been developed, which extends the integrated Data Center Cockpit of Command by monitoring functions for the management of a data center.

DCM acquires measurement data like the active current consumption and temperatures directly from the monitored servers. Alarms can be defined and if required, processors can be clocked down by a set of rules. In addition, switches, sensors, PDUs, UPSs or other networking devices can be monitored by the protocols IPMI and SNMP. The live current consumption and temperature values provide a solid basis for the analysis of the actual utilization of the data processing center, reliable calculation bases for the monitoring of the threshold value and reliable trend analyses (predictions). Precise and reliable utilization data are essential for the determination of saving potentials in regard to current consumption and cooling requirements.

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