FNT Analytics: New Reporting and Analysis Capabilities with Business Analytics Technology

Parsippany, 01.30.2019 – FNT, a leading provider of integrated software solutions for the management of IT and telecommunications infrastructures worldwide, today announced the launch of FNT Analytics. This new product complements an extensive product portfolio with modern business analytics technology and offers high-quality evaluations and analytics.

"Data center, IT and telecommunication professionals are facing Big Data - and the high volume of data has to be processed in order to evaluate and use it meaningfully," explains Horst Haag, CTO of FNT. "This is where we come in. In addition to interactive BI analytics, FNT Analytics creates this much needed transparency by providing an interface to all infrastructure data in FNT Command. Decision makers have a better understanding of relationships and effects with new evaluations. As a result, they can make better operational and strategic decisions that increase the performance of their IT landscape in the long term.”

FNT Analytics provides a standard integration with FNT Command for consistent management and documentation for IT and telecommunications infrastructures and data centers. For the first time, management and evaluation functionalities form a unit that enables completely new application scenarios, such as:

  • Use modern geo-referenced analysis for a better understanding of ongoing construction activities and strategic network rollout projects
  • Collate e-mails, data bases, text and Excel files based on more than 100 connectors for intelligent analysis of complex correlations
  • Create and produce graphs showing the productivity level of your department or examining the SLA performance of your delivered IT services


"The new product is the ideal complement to our existing solutions on the market. Users are able to recognize trends and bottlenecks in the data faster by using graphical representations and take appropriate action, "says Stefan Siegl, Product Manager for FNT Analytics. For this purpose, the BI product has all the necessary functions, such as Data Source Connectivity with ETL and data cleaning technology. In addition to modern usability and security considerations, the tool provides a new enterprise-wide platform with real-time data for reporting and interactive analysis. It is available via desktop-based access as well as the FNT Analytics app for easy viewing and sharing of dashboards.

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