Efficient Capacity and Power Management for Data Centers

Software specialists FNT and Future Facilities form partnership to improve capacity management and use predictive analytics to optimize asset utilization in high-traffic data centers.

  • Seamless integration of FNT Command DCIM tool with Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC toolset for cooling analysis and simulation
  • Visualization of heat flows and air circulation at planning stage - before making changes to infrastructure
  • Identification of unutilized capacity within the data center


In Germany, data centers currently account for around 2% of total energy consumption. With the increase in mobile computing, rise of social networking, and spread of IT into virtually all areas of private and working life, data volumes are growing exponentially. The challenge for data center operators and network managers is to efficiently deploy all data center assets to handle these ever-increasing loads. The solution lies in optimal planning with predictive analysis and prognosis of network, server, load, power, and cooling capacities. To do this, managers need detailed information on the current status of all cabinets, servers, UPSs, and many other assets in the data center. It is also important to have the necessary scenario and planning processes in place as a basis for reliable prognosis.

Thanks to the new partnership between software specialists FNT and Future Facilities, who have already created the necessary interface, data centers can enjoy better capacity management and plan for optimum utilization of all available resources using powerful predictive modelling.

FNT specializes in the management and planning of all IT infrastructure assets, from cabling through to data centers and the associated services. The company’s FNT Command software provides high-precision planning and management capabilities for all data center assets. With its comprehensive, consistent, and integrated data model, centralized data storage, and extensive component library featuring over 50,000 server and network components, FNT’s DCIM software fulfills all the requirements for managing and planning every aspect of data center infrastructure. FNT Command supports all operational processes within the data center and provides operators with full transparency on all assets.

By integrating FNT Command with 6SigmaDC from Future Facilities, the leading toolset for predictive modelling and simulation of data center cooling, it is now possible to continuously model the impact that data center changes will have on server availability, capacity and cooling efficiency (ACE). Users can simulate and optimize changes in infrastructure before implementation while also identifying unused capacity. Heat flows and air circulation can be visualized to reveal potential reductions in cooling costs and eliminate hotspots. Thanks to the seamless exchange of data with the Future Facilities simulation and analysis solution, users of FNT Command can now leverage their existing asset information for predictive analysis, prognosis, and planning of their data centers. Following analysis and variant planning, the projected changes can be further refined in FNT Command and implemented with the aid of integrated processes.

Nikolaus Albrecht, CEO of software specialist FNT, commented on the new partnership: “Our close cooperation and integration with the market-leading DCIM simulation solution from Future Facilities enables our major customers and data center operators to deploy their resources efficiently and reliably over the longer term and to equip themselves for the growing demands of the market. This allows them to reduce their costs dramatically, while also being able to cope with change.”

The joint interface will be available from February 2014 and will be presented to customers and prospects at NetWork’14, the forum for service and infrastructure management in IT and telecommunications, held in Leipzig, Germany, from April 29 to 30. (www.network14.de).

More information at: www.fntsoftware.com/DCIM

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