Webinar - How to Automate Data Migration to FNT Command


Would you like to reduce the cost, time and manual effort required to implement FNT Command?

One way to achieve all three is to automatically populate FNT Command’s data repository with your information.

FNT’s service partner yandree will explain in detail how they migrated the existing data center documentation of a German IT service provider to FNT Command. This data center – which has 10,000 assets and 50,000 connections, spread across five different systems - successfully completed their migration in less than one week. Andreas Gsell and Alois Noebauer from yandree will share the techniques and tools they used to make this data migration project a success.

Tuesday, December 10 at 4:00 pm CET

About yandere GmbH

yandree is an internationally operating service company specializing in the documentation of IT infrastructure. In addition to support and assistance during the introduction and operation of documentation and management systems, yandree is primarily focused on overcoming the challenges of data migration and improving data quality.

yandree’s experts have over 15 years of experience in this field and have worked on projects of all sizes across the world. They are skilled at using specially developed software to support the process of introducing new systems as well as migrations during a system change. The software transparently maps the process of data migration and proactively supports the improvement of data quality. Projects are completed faster and are fully documented.

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