TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series

Hybrid event

The recent partnerships between cloud and network providers demonstrate the desired shift towards a hybrid model to meet changing demands, creating agile, efficient, partner-ready businesses. But where do you start? This year’s DTW event is designed to provide real answers and explore key topics including:

  • How to capture value in new ecosystems
  • Transforming the telecoms business and operating model
  • Making zero-touch automation a reality
  • IT and network convergence and innovation
  • The public cloud debate in telecoms
  • Succeeding with AI at scale


120 hours of content will be live streamed from September 22 to October 14.

FNT will host a Digital Leadership Summit on September 30 at 1 pm CET.

Build a Digital Twin of your Hybrid Network Infrastructure: A holistic view of your assets and resources is essential for your digital transformation

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