FNT Software Releases New GIS Capability for Enhanced Cable and Outside Plant Management

FNT GeoMaps Provides Location-Based Visualization and Geo-Referenced Network Resource Analysis

Parsippany, N.J., 05/13/2020

FNT Software, a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center and telecommunication infrastructures, today announced the release of FNT GeoMaps, a Geo-Intelligent Solution component within FNT’s Cable and Outside Plant Management solution powered by Esri ArcGIS. FNT GeoMaps provides advanced geographic features that enhance the planning, operation, and management of passive inside and outside plant infrastructure with spatial intelligence.

As companies upgrade networks, roll out 5G, and lay new fiber to keep pace with digital transformation, full transparency into all network resources is business-critical. FNT GeoMaps, a fully integrated GIS capability based on Esri ArcGIS, gives users the expanded functionality they need to ensure cable networks are optimized to handle the demands of the digital world. The unique benefits of both solutions are integrated within a single, easy-to-use software solution.

“In today’s digital economy, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in data volumes and network traffic. The ability to operate a complex and expanding passive infrastructure is more important than ever,” said Steve MacDiarmid, General Manager of North America at FNT Software. “FNT GeoMaps combines FNT's strong cable and outside plant management capability with Esri's market-leading ArcGIS product functionalities to build a best of breed Cable and Infrastructure Management solution for inside and outside plant management. This enables optimal operation and management of the passive network infrastructure.”

FNT’s Cable and Outside Plant Management solution provides greater visibility into all network resources and connections to streamline the documentation, planning, and management of inside and outside plant cable network infrastructure. From a service assurance perspective, this is the best defense against service interruption. From a planning perspective, it ensures that changes are based on accurate as-built documentation and that all changes are reflected in a master data repository.

By combining comprehensive cable management on a map with geoinformation and geodata processing, the FNT GeoMaps capability enables high-end geographical visualization and brings cable network asset and resource data to life. By combining location intelligence with network infrastructure details, users can make smarter decisions about network capacity, rollout priority, routing redundancy, and set the right focus for operational priorities. Applying location-based analytics to cable management processes also enables users to perform important tasks more efficiently and with better results.

FNT Cable and Outside Plant Management with the enhanced GIS capability of FNT GeoMaps can be combined with other FNT Telco solutions to build an integrated, unified resource repository across traditional active and passive telecommunication infrastructure, on both the physical and on logical layers, as well as across the virtualized IT and data center resources. FNT’s Telco Solutions form a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) central system of record that provides a holistic, vendor-agnostic solution with all relevant information to manage both mobile and wireline network resources and infrastructures across all technologies. The combination of schematic views and GIS-based geographical network visualization of network resources create deep visibility and enable location-based analytics for improved capacity management, planning and operational use cases based on accurate data.

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About FNT Software

FNT is a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of telecommunications, IT and data center infrastructure. FNT’s solutions are used worldwide as an OSS/IT management application for communications service providers, enterprises and government organizations. Over 500 companies and public authorities rely on FNT to plan, document and manage their passive and active physical, logical and virtual IT, telecommunications and data center infrastructures, from the physical level through business services. FNT’s unified resource management capabilities store this information in a vendor-agnostic uniform data model that builds a central system of record of a hybrid infrastructure. Whatever mixture of traditional on-premise IT and private, managed and public clouds an organization uses, the single source of information about all network assets that FNT provides is the key to gaining a clear understanding of overall utilization, capacities and asset status for more efficient planning, service assurance and fulfillment processes.

FNT is headquartered in Germany and has offices in the USA, Singapore, the UK and Russia. FNT offers its software in numerous countries through partnerships with market-leading IT service providers and system integrators. Further information can be found at www.fntsoftware.com.

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