Training at FNT

Training at FNT means working in an innovative environmentone with a secure future, where teamwork and diversity are encouraged. We offer a varied range of tasks, plus the support of experienced colleagues.



At FNT, trainees are fully integrated into our project teams. This allows them to learn how to work effectively with others right from the start. Every trainee is also assigned an individual mentor.


We offer varied and interesting traineeships, in which our trainees work creatively on real-world project tasks. This enables them to acquire a wide range of experience and knowledge.


FNT GmbH is an international, growth-oriented company. Our aim is to retain trainees in the company long term. Toward the end of the traineeship, we discuss the options with each trainee, which include joining the company as a permanent employee or undertaking additional training after successful completion of the traineeship.

Practical focus

We support practice-focused training at FNT. Our trainees put their ideas into practice in independent projects, allowing theoretical knowledge to be applied in real-world situations.

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