Career at FNT

Our employees are our future because a company grows with every individual.

At FNT, a value-centered approach and strategic HR policy are not merely empty gestures. We realize that without a clear focus on our values and the dedication of our highly qualified staff we can accomplish nothing. With them, we can achieve anything.

Over the years, values have emerged at FNT that shape our day-to-day dealings with each other in the company and with our customers:


Demonstrating trust

Trust is fundamental to our interaction with each other. That is true both within the company and, of course, in relation to our customers. We also firmly believe that trust is a precondition for creativity and innovation.


Delivering results

Outcomes are important in everything we do. We define clear and ambitious objectives and monitor our progress toward these goals. That applies not only to the internal performance objectives of our employees but also to management of customer projects.


Showing respect

Our interaction with one another is characterized by mutual respect—internally and externally, irrespective of roles and hierarchies.


Displaying dedication and identification

We want to inspire people! Inspire our customers with outstanding performance and our employees with excellent working conditions and a compelling corporate strategy. We expect and encourage dedication, commitment, and full identification with our corporate objectives.


These values support us in our daily work and provide guidance as we move forward. They are also intended to provide our customers, partners, and employees with insights into the “soul of FNT”: who we are, how we think, how we behave, and what our goals are. We see our employees as individuals characterized by a high degree of personal responsibility, the ability to think independently, and openness to new ideas—qualities that deliver clear benefits for our customers.

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