FNT ServicePlanet Mixed Training

FNT ServicePlanet Mixed Training

The training "FNT ServicePlanet Mixed Training" gives basic insight into bE_Methode® for product and service modelling. With use of bE_Methode® implementation from buisness modell to successful service and business service management takes place in five holistic steps. Perticipants gain neccessarry knowledge to handle and use the system with a focus on product design.
All Service Planet elements which are relevant for product catalog design are part of the training, to ensure work capability and give a solide knowledge base. Participants will also be enabled to aid other users. Further participants learn to setup system basics and create objects as well as create relations in between objects.
The many options of customizing products in Service Planet for different groups and customers, such as versioning and variants are just as well part of the training as creating a sequenz matrix to coordinate work processes for product initiialisation.

Content overview:
- Product-lifecycle of objects and status modell
- Interactionconzept in FNT ServicePlanet
- Administration of products and variants
- Administration of workplans
- training tasks

Course duration: 2 days


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