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The ReconciliationEngine (RE) is a toolset for network inventory reconciliation. RE assures FNT Command data quality by detecting and resolving discrepancies and keeping network device and topology information up to date. Also, it provides the possibility to create network inventory reconciliation interfaces using a predefined set of functions and features aiming to reduce the interface implementation time to a minimum.

The ReconciliationEngine configuration course gives participants an introduction to the principles and architecture of the framework so that the participants get a well-founded knowledge to handle different scenarios and requirements from interface realization till configuration of which network discrepancies should be automatically loaded and which should be handled manually. The knowledge of the participants will be solidified with practical exercises and samples.

Also, the course introduces the Business Gateway Entities of the framework providing a REST API to access all framework’s functionality and import templates in order to migrate / import data from a legacy system into FNT Command using the delta capabilities provided by the framework.

Content overview:
- Populating the Cache with network inventory data
- Usage of the interactive Delta Reports to handle different network discrepancies considering the planning capabilities of FNT Command
- Configuration of auto-apply rules to synchronize network inventory automatically or manually
- Usage of the Job management to control and monitor the specific steps of a reconciliation interface like data loading, delta calculation, and synchronization.
- Extending the Cache and the Delta calculation with dynamic attributes, entities and relations

Course duration: 1.5 days

Maximum number of participants: 5 persons

This course is currently only offered on a customer/project specific basis.


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