FNT GeoMaps - User

FNT GeoMaps - User

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic

Learn basic concepts of FNT GeoMaps based on GIS technology, explore GIS capabilities and components; navigate a digital web map and search for geographic data.

This course explains how to digitize and edit FNT Command physical zones, nodes, tray sections and any georeferenced area based on a geodatabase. You will learn how to graphically assign cable routes to existing tray structures then having a true-to-scale representation.

Integrated FNT Command features that allow to visualize signal tracing and access georeferenced information are explained, as well as the close interaction of FNT Command Tray Management and FNT GeoMaps. You learn how to use FNT GeoMaps bulk functionality as an effective way to create nodes and tray sections.

Additional georeferencing options for existing FNT Command CIs such as zones and nodes is explained together with typical use cases.

Content overview:
- FNT GeoMaps user interface (GUI) and basic configuration
- Digitizing zones (Campus, Building, Floor, Room)
- Additional georeferencing of existing zones and nodes
- Digitizing nodes and tray sections
- Bulk functionality for more effective digitizing of nodes and tray sections
- Editing zones, nodes and tray sections in FNT GeoMaps and FNT Command
- Graphical assignment of cable routes
- Polygon area definition
- FNT GeoMaps feature search for geographic data

Course duration: 1 day

Maximum number of participants: 6 persons


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