FNT Command Signal Management

FNT Command Signal Management

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

The various transmission technologies with signal paths and services are represented in the Signal Management module. Services can be managed manually. In addition, the phone number management provided for phone services allows the services to be managed easily. The comprehensive management of services also includes the acquisition and management of routes (signal paths), device data (e.g. phones, PCs, active components) and personal data (users). The routing functions allow the associated routes to be documented quickly and easily as a service.

Content overview:
- Management of the service types, E164 definition and persons in the Signal Management Administration.
- Creation and management of services
- Planning services
- Creation and management of signal paths
- Planning signal paths
- Creation and management of phone numbers and phone number blocks in the phone number management.
- Interconnection of physical and logical routes via the routing functions (manually or with autorouting)
- Querying data using reports

Course duration: 1.5 days

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