FNT Command Service Asset and Configuration Management

FNT Command Service Asset and Configuration Management

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

The Asset and Configuration Management solution from FNT provides as central configuration management system information about all Configuration Items (CIs) of the IT and TC infrastructure, including the mutual relations of the CIs, and so serves as basis for a successful service management.
Typical questions
- How can I retain an overview of the deployment of my IT assets over the complete lifecycle (from the planning, through to the decommissioning and scraping, including the history)?
- How do planning and changes to the IT system landscape lead to improvements in the quality and performance?
- How can I receive an adequate overview of the relations between the deployed systems to ensure a "high-level" service quality?
are raised during the course. A complete example is used as basis to discuss intensively the individual software modules, which together form the backbone of the FNT Asset and Configuration Management solution.
The Server Management area handles all topics required to describe a modern server landscape adequately. This includes the creation of the physical and virtual servers, as well as the associated storages and applications (failover clusters and server farms). The application is completed with the integrated SAN/NAS documentation.
The assignment and linking of IP addresses to CIs allow an extended IP network search as well as other report and analysis possibilities (IP Management). The Software Management allows the license management for the software deployed in the Server Management area. The management of events as logbook entries, and accessories, such as contracts and persons, are just some of the possibilities.
The course is completed by handling the possibilities of a cross-layer representation of the IT infrastructure using the grafic in the CI Management. This allows the CIs documented in FNT Command to be linked with services and represented clearly.

Content overview:
- Creation, modification and deletion of physical and virtual servers/storages, incl. their components
- Documentation of the distributed systems (failover clusters and server farms)
- Graphical representation of the CI environment (CI Management, server system, cluster system, application and server farms)
- Searching for and analyzing objects
- Import templates for server and storage components
- Software license/application management, incl. operating system documentation
- Assignment of IP addresses by linking to CIs
- Adapted report and analysis capabilities
- Excel import functionality for server, software and IP data
- Creation of templates for the different representation of the documented CIs and their relations
- Grouping of documented CIs to form a service (manual or automatic)
- Procesisng existing services

Course duration: 2 days

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