FNT Command Server Management

FNT Command Server Management

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

Server Management deals with all topics required to adequately describe a modern server landscape. Physical, logical and virtual servers can be created as well as the associated storages and applications (failover clusters and server farms). The integrated SAN/NAS documentation completes the application. The management of software, contracts, persons and logbook entries is also integrated in the Server Management.

Content overview:
- Creation, modification and deletion of physical and virtual servers/storages, including their components
- Software license/application management, incl. operating system documentation
- Documentation of the distributed systems (failover clusters and server farms)
- Graphical representation of the CI environment (CI Browser, server system, cluster system, application and server farms)
- Searching for and analyzing objects
- Display of the server activities, including historizing the attributes
- Import templates for server and storage components

Course duration: 1 day

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