FNT Command DCIM

FNT Command DCIM

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

Are you faced with the challenge that your data center has a heterogeneous system landscape, some of which may be proprietary?
Do you want to use the existing resources, such as servers, storage, air-conditioning systems, power, floor areas more efficiently and so market more economically?
Are you confronted with the fact that the deployed components are supported by different departments and cost centers, but you want a complete overview, for example, of the various maintenance contracts and their interfaces pertaining in your division?
If these questions are of concern and you use Command for the documentation and planning of your IT infrastructure, this course is ideal to provide the necessary knowledge for the practical implementation in the data center area.
This course focuses on the general procedure for the documentation of a data center. Questions like "What are the pain points for a data center operator and their consequences?" and "Which solutions does the FNT Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) offer for these problem situations?" are considered.
This course shows how with a currently deployed FNT Command c-base / c-line documentation , an existing data center can be integrated appropriately in the documentation with the DCIM solution. A data center, the footprints and the power documentation are created successively together with the participants, and during the course augmented with the topic climate zones. Furthermore, the procedure for connecting a completely new data center on so-called "green fields" is considered. The complete topic is complemented by the consideration of the various report possibilities within the DCIM environment.

Content overview:
- Procedure for the data center documentation based on an integrated practical example
- Creation and management of footprints for the graphical representation of rooms in data centers
- Displays of threshold violations in the areas of power, climate control and weight
- Management of weight details for CIs, cabinets and rooms
- Familiarization with all important areas of the power and climate-control documentation (the complete power chain from the end consumer to the generator)
- Creation and populating of new power distributors
- Wiring of fuses with the target devices and end consumers with regard to overload safety
- Use and evaluation of various analysis diagrams (e.g. climate-control, power and surface utilization)
- Display of the created footprints with 3D Footprint

Course duration: 2 days

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