FNT Command Data Center Cockpit

FNT Command Data Center Cockpit

Prerequisite: FNT Command base course

The Data Center Cockpit application can be used to create and evaluate data centers. They are defined by assigned rooms that belong to a data center. Then, this assignment can be used to perform evaluations for floor utilizations, climate situations, weight loadings and the power utilization in graphic and tabular form.
A historical view and also a prediction of the data center‘s development are possible on the basis of the trend development or planned activities.
A footprint can also be created for every data center that provides a graphic overview of the rooms. The climate zones and areas that can be managed in the footprint are then assigned devices from the zones. This representation makes it possible to make statements about the resource distribution for individual facilities within a room and therefore in a data center.
The comprehensive reports and diagrams can be used to evaluate and represent the data appropriately.

Table of content:

 Creation and management of data centers
 Use of various reporting capabilities
 Display of various DC-relevant reports such as the development or also a trend analysis
 Creation and management of footprints for the graphic representation of data centers and rooms
 Representation of climate zones and areas within the footprints and device assignments
 Display of violations of the threshold values in the power, climate and weight areas
 Management of weight details for CIs, cabinets and rooms
 Object management – search conditions, linked queries, data export

Course duration: 1 day

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