FNT Command Customization and Reporting

FNT Command Customization and Reporting

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

Customizing is considered to be the capability to make customer-specific adaptations in the system via FNT Command without "true" programming being required. This customization can be made with the "Entity Manager Extended" and "Query Editor" tools integrated in FNT Command.
The Customization course first gives participants an introduction to the management of FNT Command database entities. Whereby, FNT Command differentiates between system-defined classes (static entity) and individual classes adapted to the customer requirements (dynamic entity) that each can be extended with user-specific dynamic attributes. An export and import of the entities is also possible, as is a subtyping of the dynamic entities to represent structured relations.
Furthermore, the required knowledge is conveyed, in order to create, save and publish data based on FNT Command. The meta-schema of the FNT Command database serves as basis for compiling the reports. It is also possible to establish database connections to database instances (Oracle) other than FNT Command. This allows queries to be created to data outside FNT Command or include data from systems outside FNT Command in queries. The individual steps for compiling the report are performed with a wizard with "Forwards" and "Backwards".

Content overview:
- Management of dynamic entities with attributes, relations and templates
- Publishing of dynamic entities in FNT Command modules
- Authorization control for dynamic entities
- Subtyping in dynamic entities
- Extension of static entities
- Grouping and organization of entities
- Logging of the performed actions in the change log
- Export and import of change logs
- Creation and processing of database connections
- Use of the Meta-Viewer
- Creation and processing of individual reports based on the FNT Command meta-schema
- Use of Unions and Joins in a query
- Creation of a "Published" report and of a "Jobs" report
- Report export/import functionality

Course duration: 2 days

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