FNT Command Basic

FNT Command Basic

The handling of the CI library (component library, e.g. distribution cabinets, assembly units, device and cable types, and the management of the real estate constitute the focal area of this course. The course participant learns practice-oriented the form of the physical infrastructure, the cabling of the CIs (components), and the schematic representation of the cable connections. The realistic representation of the components supports the participant and so greatly simplifies the equipping of the switch cabinets. Because all elements in the database can be called as ACTUAL or PLAN instance, individual training exercises further support these procedures. The wide range of report possibilities provide information for an efficient management of the IT components.

Content overview:
- Real estate – structure of a zone structure over the levels Campus, Building, Floor and Room, as well as the Topzones
- CI Library – structure and use of the component library
- Configuring the individual CIs, adding file attachments, forming logical groupings, links to accessories
- Management of switch cabinets with objects from the CI Library
- Assembly unit management
- Object management – search conditions, linked queries, data export
- Cabling
- Creation of logical connections for devices and directors via the Connection Matrix
- Output of assignment lists and signal tracing, graphical representation via the Net Spider program section
- Inventory management with warehouse management and inventorization
- Creation of work instructions (mounting orders, patch and relocation lists) via the Planning program section

Course duration: 3 days

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