FNT Command API

FNT Command API

- FNT Command Basic
- FNT Command Customization and Reporting

The API (Application Programming Interface) provides FNT Command interfaces and function calls. This allows experienced users and system partners to connect other systems and to extend FNT Command functions. The functions are documented and explained during the course. The API allows FNT Command to be integrated and customized in the existing system landscapes without requiring services of the manufacturer.
During the course, the various capabilities and principles of the foreign system coupling to FNT Command as well as the information integration are presented and the required technical knowledge conveyed with appropriate practical examples in order to implement dedicated information integration projects with FNT Command.

Content overview:
- Connection of external applications via REST Webservices
- Application branches from FNT Command via "Open with"
- Application branches into FNT Command via the CommandLauncher

Course duration: 1 day

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