FNT Command Administrator

FNT Command Administrator

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

This course provides an introduction to the master data management of all available CI types, the user and access management, as well as the comprehensive import possibilities for master and configuration data.
You also receive an impression of the database administration in the area of entities, data dictionaries and display attributes.
The lifecycle allows you to define various lifecycles for the simple management of devices and software.

Content overview:
- Access management for users and groups using mandators as well as predefined roles and privileges
- CI master data management (CI Library) for cables/lines, distributors, devices, junction boxes and assembly units
- CI master data import using the component library
- Editing of basic data, technical data, graphics, port data, slot data and replacement types for the CI master data
- Definition of your own database attributes via the Entity Manager Base, including template management
- Import of configuration data via standardized formats with integrated test routines
- Database administration for data dictionaries (selection lists) and display attributes
- Configuration of various lifecycle phases for devices and software

Course duration: 2 days

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