FNT Command WebGIS

FNT Command WebGIS

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

In the FNT Command WebGIS course you learn how addresses, and the infrastructure of nodes (shafts, distributor location) and trays can be created and edited on digital maps. Cables are assigned to the trays, whereby the tray structure serves as basis for the cable routing representation. In particular, the close interaction of Tray Management and WebGIS must be considered. Cable routes are so not only represented schematically in network plans, but also shown true-to-scale directly in digital maps. The visualization of the tray routes is made in the WebGIS Interface.

Content overview:
- Digitizing addresses, nodes, trays and tray routes on a map
- Assigning cables to the digitized tray routes
- Structure of the tray management (node, segment, duct)
- Representing documented cable routes on the map

Course duration: 1 day


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