FNT Command Foundation Part 2

This training is exclusively for our FNT partners!
The "FNT Command Foundation Part 1" training cannot be booked as a single event but only as a package in combination with the "FNT Command Foundation Part 2" training.

FNT Command Foundation Part 2

Prerequisite: FNT Command Foundation Part 1

This course completes the content of the Base and Administrator course not handled in Part 1. You will learn how to:
- Integrate your warehouses in the Inventory Management module usefully in your real estate
- Maintain the inventory in the warehouse with inventorization via assembly units or orders
- Retain the overview of orders, deliveries, history and lifecycles
- Plan changes to your network structure
- Control your technicians using the planning protocol as well as then make the transition from the planning status to the actual status
- Search for your CIs (components) and represent them in the context
- Use Net Spider to visualize your complete real estate, individual buildings, rooms or cabinets with assembly parts in dynamic graphics
- Restrict the unwanted use of cable types in the master data by users in a mandator-oriented way
- Extend your master data with new devices and data ports
- Control the various life phases or time-related restrictions of your devices with the lifecycle in the master data

Content overview:
- Inventory management with warehouse management and inventorization
- Assembly unit management
- Place adapters in connections, and block fibers
- Check cabinets
- Create, execute and accept changes in the planning
- Search for CIs and represent them in the context
- Graphically visualize real estates using Net Spider
- Configure and assign object types to mandators
- Create devices in the master data and add data ports
- Lifecycle

Course duration: 2 days


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