FNT Command Foundation Part 1

This training is exclusively for our FNT partners!
The "FNT Command Foundation Part 1" training cannot be booked as a single event but only as a package in combination with the "FNT Command Foundation Part 2" training.

FNT Command Foundation Part 1

Prerequisite: none, although working through the (Pre)Sales training videos is recommended

This course imparts knowledge beyond that included in the Base and Administrator course, in particular, the fundamentals required to correctly document an existing IT infrastructure by data entry in FNT Command.
The "empty" database available after the installation of FNT Command can be filled with your data or, in future, that of your customers. To do this, it is desirable that several conditions must be observed with regard to the analysis, validation and preparation of the data. For this purpose, the handling of the CI Library (component library), e.g. distribution cabinets, assembly units, device and cable types, etc., as well as the management of real estate is covered. You learn via practical experience the design of a physical infrastructure, the cabling of the CIs (components) and the schematic representation of the cable connections. The realistic representation of components greatly simplifies the equipping of cabinets.
In addition, this course instructs you in the master data management of all available CI types as well as in the user and access management. You also receive an insight into the database administration in the area of entities, data dictionaries and display attributes. You practice the manual data acquisition and the data import that provide standardized formats with integrated checking routines. This course covers practical Best Practices for the "data entry" task. After all, decisive for your envisaged data quality is an expert preparation and the professional import of configuration data.

Content overview:
- Zones, subzones and structure
- Object management: Place, modify and delete components (CIs); attachments
- Generate and link Accessory Management (persons, contracts, …)
- Place and equip cabinets
- Connections, assignment lists and signal tracing
- Access Management, users, groups, mandators and rights
- Entity Manager, template, type plate
- Administration, data dictionaries, display attributes, master data, assembly units
- Import and export master data and configuration data
- How To / Best Practices

Course duration: 5 days


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