FNT Command Foundation - Certification Fee each person - Command Experts (Pracitcal Exam)

FNT Command Foundation – Certification: Command Experts (Practical Exam)

The certification to become a partner requires the successful participation on the FNT Foundation Part I + Part II training courses. All contents covered in these courses provide the foundation for the two-part examination and certification.
At the end of the first part of the partner certification - a theoretical examination - the knowledge of future partners is tested using a question pool. 60 minutes is given for this multiple-choice test. The result of the theoretical part will be conveyed to the participants after completion.
The second part involves real problems in a Command examination environment that must be solved with a statement of the reasons. The previously learnt program modules and contents of the FNT Foundation Part I + Part II training courses are also tested. All information required to solve the problems is handled previously in the training courses. Questions are permitted and can be asked during the independent working. For this examination part, the scheduled total time of 10 hours can be specified by each participant after consultation with FNT. A time-limited Command instance provided by FNT serves as examination environment.
On completion of the certification, the results of the practical examination are discussed with immediate feedback in a personal meeting, or alternatively in a Skype session. Passing the theoretical and practical examination is prerequisite for certification as partner.

Content overview:
- Theoretical examination of the contents of the FNT Foundation Part I (60 minutes) training course
- Practical examination of the contents of the FNT Foundation Part I + Part II (10 hours) training courses
- Personal debriefing of the practical examination part

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