FNT StagingArea

FNT StagingArea

- FNT Command Basic Course
- FNT Command Customization and Reporting

The FNT StagingArea allows data from various sources to be extracted, conditioned, transformed and then imported validated into the FNT Command target database or data to be transferred from FNT Command to other systems.
After an introduction to the handling and operation of FNT StagingArea, various standard (interface) scenarios are used as examples to consider specific individual modeling steps and provide practice for typical questions. You also receive an impression of the database administration in the area of entities, data dictionaries and display attributes.
In an appropriate time after completion of the course, specific questions of the individual participants are answered in a group online session. This requires that the participants make their questions that arise after the course available to FNT in advance.

Content overview:
- Introduction to the graphical user interface of FNT StagingArea
- Familiarization with the various components (Input, Convert, Target, Cache, …)
- Introduction to the FNT Command Business Gateway Entities (BGEs) / metaschema
- Handling projects, job groups and jobs
- Familiarization with the various support tools for modeling (constants, groupings, caches, …)
- Export and import functionality
- Creating various test examples
- Validation and loading of data in a target database
- Scheduling and monitoring the interfaces

Course duration: 2 days + 0.5 days online session

Maximum number of participants:
- 6 persons

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Beginning Duration Price Place Language Warranty Status
27.10.2020 2 Tage/ 2 days 1800€ FNT GmbH, Röhlinger Straße 11, 73479 Ellwangen German No
15.12.2020 2 Tage / 2days 1800€ FNT GmbH, Röhlinger Straße 11, 73479 Ellwangen German No
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