FNT ProcessEngine

FNT ProcessEngine

- FNT Command Basic Course, FNT Command Administrator,
- BPMN 2.0 Basic Training,
- basic programming knowledge desirable

In the two-day course, the participant learns about the operating principles of the FNT ProcessEngine in conjunction with Command Business Gateway Entities (BGE). The process modeled in the BPMN 2.0 Basic Training is modeled in the FNT ProcessEngine and automated using Business Gateway tasks.
During the modeling, the participant is familiarized with all basic functions of the process modeling and the BGE integration, and receives appropriate practical examples for the technical implementation. The training contains all examples (including code snippets) required for the training and so permits participation even by users without programming knowledge.

Content overview:
- Administration: Creation and administration of users, user groups, user rights, repositories
- Business Gateway: Functions/definitions of the Business Gateway Entities
- Process creation and representation in the process modeling
- Creation and configuration of user tasks, script tasks, BGE tasks and gateways
- Querying of object information from Command using Java EntityBeans
- Creation of objects and links between objects in Command via the Business Gateway
- Creation of task-specific forms with the Form Modeler
- Administration/deployment/execution of process definitions and process instances

Course duration:
- 2 days


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