FNT Command Tray Management

FNT Command Tray Management

Prerequisite: FNT Command Basic Course

In the FNT Command Tray Management course you learn how to represent a tray route that leads over nodes (e,g. shafts). The individual steps for creating and connecting nodes are explained using a practical example. The assignment of cables is also explained in the course.

Content overview:
- Introduction to an integrated practical example
- Definition of the properties of nodes
- Creating a node
- Editing nodes in the Shaft editor
- Assignment of an object to a node
- Creating a tray segment
- Creating a duct between the nodes
- Placing a new cable at two patch panels
- Assignment of a cable to a tray route

Course duration: 0.5 days

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Beginning Duration Price Place Language Warranty Status
04.12.2020 0,5 Tag / 0,5 day 320€ FNT GmbH, Röhlinger Straße 11, 73479 Ellwangen // ONLINE, wenn Covid19 es erfordert German No
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