FNT Command Datenaufnahme

FNT Command data acquisition

Prerequisite: FNT Command base course

Basics for successful FNT Command documentation

A course designed for partners as well as customers needing data acquisitions for FNT Command. To fill the database after a FNT Command installation with your or your customer’s data, some conditions regarding analysis, processing and verification of the information need to be considered. Further the participant will learn about manual data acquisition as well as data imports with our standard import sheets which already include verification processes.
This course mediates Best Practices for data acquisition and shows how important data verification and processing is to have high quality data in FNT Command, using practical examples.

Table of content:

 Important questions before the data acquisition
 Tools for data acquisition
 Getting an overview of inventory data
 Checklist data acquisition
 Analysis, verification and processing of data for
o Zones
o TC- and switch cabinet
o Objects and devices
o Cabling
 Manual data acquisition
 Import of configuration data with our standard import sheets

Course duration: 1 day

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