FNT Command Aircon

FNT Command Aircon

Prerequisite: FNT Command base course

The Aircon application is used to represent various levels in a climate circuit. This ranges from a recooler, over generators, to the point of climate devices and heat generators (e.g. a server). The creation and management of climate devices are also part of this software package. The physical connections that can be created between the climate components are so used to map a complete cooling circuit transparently.
The documentation of cooling circuits and the assignment of heat generators therefore can be used to obtain utilization information of the cooling situation.
The documentation of climate zones allows rooms to be mapped in more detail with regard to the climate control in a room. This technology also can be used to document closed areas, such as enclosures or side coolers.
The comprehensive reports can be used to evaluate and represent the data appropriately.

Table of content:

 Object management – search conditions, linked queries, data export
 Management of climate and heat details for CIs, cabinets and rooms
 Working with the connection editor taking account of the individual port types
 Creating and managing climate devices in zones
 Documentation of pipe connections to cooling circuits
 Management of climate zones and cooling circuits
 Documentation of end users with regard to the overload safety in the climate-control area

Course duration: 0.5 day

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