What Do Green Sneakers and IT Service Design Thinking Have in Common?

If you’re planning on attending the Gartner Symposium and ITXpo in Barcelona on November 6-10, you can meet the FNT team this year at booth #817. We’ll all be wearing green sneakers again!

Our green sneakers garnered a lot of attention and raised many questions last year. The questions most frequently asked by booth visitors were:

  • What is the story behind these sneakers?
  • What is the significance of wearing green sneakers to the event?
  • What is the relationship of the green sneakers to your software?

Well, there is an interesting story behind our bright footwear selection.

These sneakers are from Nike and sold as NikeID shoes. You can personalize the sneakers by choosing the color, adding your name or a clever message, and you can even share your design with others to co-create. By offering this service, Nike managed to gain a strong competitive advantage by providing something that is very beneficial for their customers: individualized products. More importantly, they provide this service by using a standardized production line in the back end. The real competitive advantage and magic lies in the way Nike provides scope to the end-customer while managing scale on the production side. This gives them a strong market position because they can deliver an end-user centric product while staying very efficient and agile with their production processes.

So what is the link between FNT and ICT Management?

FNT provides a methodology and software for IT Service Design Thinking for infrastructure and IT service management. This methodology enables our customers to balance costs, risks and agility when providing ICT services to their customers.

With the bluEDGE method and FNT ServicePlanet, we help our customers provide highly configurable IT services while standardizing infrastructure assets and providing IT services.

With this methodology, businesses can:

  • Improve time-to-deliver for IT services from months to minutes
  • Increase agility within infrastructure while having a standardization rate of 90%
  • Pro-actively design products and deliver services exactly the way specific markets demand them
  • Reduce costs up to 30% through transparency in your IT portfolios alone

As a result of FNT’s method and software, businesses can change IT from a manufacturing-based built-to-order approach where every service is designed and delivered from scratch, towards an ICT factory approach that follows the source-make-deliver ideas of an industrialized and efficient world.

With FNT ServicePlanet, our customers are able to provide highly configurable, standardized and automated IT services based on a pre-defined catalog. Similar to Nike, our customers provide exactly what their customers need and want, but still are based on an efficient and standardized IT production chain.

This is why our team wears sneakers during the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo in Barcelona… and, of course, because it is much more comfortable during the 4-day roadshow!

If you want to learn more about our methodology and software, visit booth #817 in Barcelona. If you are unable to attend, watch the video below which describes our approach more in detail.

We hope to meet you soon in Barcelona!