The Benefits of Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Network inventory management is an essential component of any network operator’s suite of tools. From resource management and asset lifecycle management to service activation, network and service assurance management, and predictive maintenance – utilizing a comprehensive network inventory management solution is business critical.

As networks continue to change and evolve, new demands are placed on network inventory solutions. Today, network inventory solutions must manage changing networks from cloudification, virtualization, energy reduction, an increased use of radio/cellular networks, and the extension of the provider’s network edge to increasingly incorporate private networks.

A modern network with hybrid infrastructure requires a solution that supports traditional resources like physical network devices and logical connectivity as well as data center infrastructure management (DCIM), cloud infrastructure and virtualized network objects, cell sites with modern architectural models such as front-haul fiber, mobile-edge compute (MEC), cloud-hosted infrastructure models (5G), as well as private networks and enterprise infrastructure including smart city devices, sensor networks, digital twin models, and enterprise IT stacks.

While traditional network inventory solutions simply cannot support all of the features mentioned above, a hybrid infrastructure management solution from FNT Software can support:

  • End-to-End networks
    • Backbone / core
    • Regional / metro / aggregation
    • Access
    • Provider Edge (PE), Customer Edge (CE) and even Private / Campus
  • Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP)
  • Physical, logical, virtual and cloud-hosted resources
  • Logical and virtual transport technologies such as DWDM, MPLS, IP and Ethernet
  • Dynamic changes to infrastructure
  • Power networks
  • Data Center and communication room infrastructure (DCIM)
  • Enterprise / IT infrastructure

FNT’s hybrid infrastructure management solution provides a central platform to support any business need, accelerate time to market, increase operational efficiency, and so much more.

Learn about all the benefits of a hybrid infrastructure management approach in our expert paper 7 Reasons to Use Hybrid Infrastructure Management Instead of Traditional Network Inventory Management.

Download our expert paper here.