Conquering Chaos & Creating Harmony: Masterful IT Asset Management 

Within the ITIL framework, Asset Management goes beyond software licenses. It encompasses the holistic control and optimization of all your IT assets – hardware, software, virtualized elements, and much more. Think of it as the conductor of your IT orchestra, ensuring every instrument, from physical servers to complex virtual machines, contributes harmoniously.  Core Capabilities of IT Asset Management  Next Level IT Asset Management  While the … Continue reading Conquering Chaos & Creating Harmony: Masterful IT Asset Management 

FNT Command 13: a brief introduction to FNT’s new major release

Two FNT experts provide insight into the new features and functionalities of FNT Command 13 FNT experts:  Bernd Pratschke, Portfolio Manager and Marlene Pfauth, Product Manager  Bernd, FNT Command 13 has just been released. What are the highlights of the new release?  Bernd: FNT Command 13 comes with many new features and functions in different areas. In this release, we focused strongly on the extension of Telco Active Inventory, Asset Management, 2D Footprint and the Cable Management … Continue reading FNT Command 13: a brief introduction to FNT’s new major release

Reimagining Asset Management: Accelerating ITIL Processes and Incident Resolutions

Asset management provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications infrastructure to ensure operations are running as efficiently as possible. Identifying, documenting, monitoring, and managing arbitrary assets and all CI interrelationships is crucial to maintain and improve uptime, service delivery, productivity, and customer confidence.

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FNT Command delivers Cable Management for Airports

Managing the multitude of airport assets, cabling, data connections, and heterogeneous systems can be challenging. As multiple critical systems function within a very limited space, airport operations are extremely complex and require proper documentation and comprehensive management to ensure operations consistently run smoothly. 

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Importance of Zone Management

Modern IT structures are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to control due to the disparate locations of IT assets and their components. As IT assets are constantly travelling throughout enterprise locations and organizational structures, implementing a comprehensive zone management solution is critical to keep track of assets, service lifecycles, and user responsibilities.

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Reimagining Asset Management

Digital business transformation is currently, and for the foreseeable future, the key factor to continued success in a rapidly evolving industry. Does your company have a strategic plan to make your IT organization smarter, faster and more flexible? If so, what strategic role will play asset management to successfully transform your organization? Let’s take a closer look why asset management isn’t an outdated topic at all.

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