Smooth Operations: How a Central Database Can Assure High Availability for Banking Clients Worldwide

High availability is business-critical for the leading international commercial bank with one of the densest branch networks among German private banks: Commerzbank.

With its subsidiaries, the company owns two of the world’s most innovative online banks and serves clients in all markets worldwide. Represented globally at every major stock market, network outages and downtime must be averted at all costs, especially for the Commerzbank trading center in Frankfurt. In mere minutes, a network outage could potentially affect as many as 500 traders and prevent millions of Euros from being invested.

As a leading provider of capital market products, Commerzbank was responsible for the redevelopment of the Frankfurt trading center in 2001. Entrusted with this important project, network managers knew that a professional management tool was needed to map the IT structures and ensure high availability of all future operations. Furthermore, the domains of network planning and physical network documentation played a material role in the selection process.

Commerzbank trusted FNT Command to transparently map all of the IT structures, document data and assets within the configuration management database (CMDB), and properly manage all network operations. Since 2001, the system has maintained high availability at Commerzbank in various ways.

The storage of data in one integrated data model forms the basis for the overall resiliency strategy. Therefore, all server systems are documented in detail to manage and plan redundant availability. Even the switches are operated redundantly to guarantee the highest reliability at all times. This data can be used in the event of an incident as the Commerzbank Network Service Desk is immediately notified. In order to ensure rapid fault repair, users can access the end-to-end signal tracing capability that displays all affected components and related devices at a glance. Using this information, the source of the fault can be found more quickly and the necessary repairs can be implemented in a targeted manner.

Other use cases for Commerzbank are high-quality change management processes, as the system offers dashboard-based analytics of available capacities. The overall transparency across the entire infrastructure has successfully increased uptime and operational reliability.

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