Mobile Site Management Part Two: How Software Streamlines Site Acquisition, Design, and Build 

In response to increasing demands for high-quality mobile services, operators understand they need to deploy cell sites quickly and efficiently. In part one of our Mobile Site Management series, we detailed the first step operators must tackle: nominal planning and best candidate selection. In part two, we’re highlighting the acquisition and designing of the selected site, then building it out. These processes can be highly automated with the help of roll-out support and infrastructure management software.  

When it comes to site acquisition, operators must look for software that can process a large volume of heterogeneous documents coming from a wide variety of sources. When evaluating solutions, the most important functionalities to look for include document management, a highly configurable data model, role-based access, and connectivity management.  

FNT Command provides a comprehensive overview of all areas of IT infrastructure, uses intelligent reporting to identify important trends and critical changes at an early stage, and helps operators make knowledge-based and strategic decisions at all times. The FNT Command Platform is based on a proven data model that covers networks, applications, hardware, and services. It also represents the relationships and dependencies between them. Other add-on features are available to make infrastructure management much easier and enable flexible integration with other systems.  

Site design is the next step in the process – where every technical aspect of the site will be finalized and a digital blueprint will be created. Technical site design can be automated using FNT Command, which features extensive templating functionality and a seamless integration with engineering tools.  

During the site construction and go-live phase, a solution such as FNT Command that provides process and workflow management, as well as role-restricted access, is vital. The FNT Command Mobile App also provides easy access to the documentation data within the FNT Command Platform, which dramatically increases the efficiency of field service and construction teams.  

Interested in learning more? Download our expert paper “Guide to Software-Assisted Mobile Site Management, Part 2: Site Acquisition, Design and Build” here.