Industry Expertise: Managed Services Drive New Business Opportunities for Hosting Providers

When defining service portfolios in a highly competitive market, it is crucial for multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs) and hosting providers to put customers center-stage.

From a customer’s perspective, value is determined by the service quality, associated delivery parameters, and a clear presentation of the options available (i.e. variants such as space, power, storage, third party services, hybrid options, version of IP, access, security, remote hands, back-up, etc.), performance, contractual terms and pricing.

MTDC and hosting providers who are able to deliver these services and products with a standardized level of quality at clearly defined prices, and with defined service levels, have higher chances to be permanently successful in a competitive environment. On one hand, they will be able to increase cost efficiency in operations and thereby offer services with attractive prices while gain attractive revenues. Through standardizing service components, data center operations can deliver repetitive tasks faster and with a lower fault rate – which in turn increases business customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thus, tailoring services based on already defined components accelerates time to market and enables a high agility to react to market changes.

However, to stand out with standardized connectivity products and services, infrastructure management teams and network operations managers need proper tools to plan, manage and document the network and communications infrastructure within one central network and asset database. An appropriate solution such as FNT Command can provide complete visibility and transparency throughout the entire data center and associated networks. It will also ensure optimal power consumption, network connection, uptime and that SLAs are being met. FNT Command integrates with portfolio management solutions to enable a complete holistic view on services correlating to specific network and infrastructure assets.

Horst Haag, co-founder and CTO of FNT Software, was recently featured in Pipeline to provide insights on managed services for hosting providers and the evolution of network infrastructures. Read the full article here.